Reporting concerns:


Every school is required to follow a set procedure in cases of suspected child abuse.

The Child Protection Officer is required by law to refer any concerns that they have about a child to the Child Protection Team for further investigation, so that children at risk can be identified quickly. This procedure is intended to protect the children in
our care. When a school refers a child to the Child Protection Team it is not accusing the parents of abuse but requesting further investigation to take place to establish whether a child is at risk. Parents are informed of any referral unless we believe that it may place a child in danger.

The school CPO (Child Protection Officer) is Mrs Esther Watt Jones, with Mrs Anja Jones acting as Deputy, although you may speak to any member of staff if you have concerns. 

I want to talk to someone about another child’s welfare, will the parents find out it was me?
No, any information shared is in confidence.

I have a concern but I don’t think it’s very important… Please pop in for a chat, no worry or question is too small when we are referring to a child’s welfare.

If I report an incident to a member of staff they will call in Social Services… Staff never rush in. It might be a case of a family just needing a little support and don’t know where to turn. Staff are directed to speak to a child protection support  team if they are unsure themselves or if a child is at risk. The support team may just offer advice of, for example, counselling or
even suggest no follow up at all. What ever the school do or even don’t do, it is always in the interests of the child.

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