Maths at Corringham School

We have reviewed our maths teaching and learning throughout the school which has included consultations with all staff, pupils and external advisors. The school primarily uses Hamilton Trust to support the small steps teaching in maths dependent on suitability for children relating to the aspect being taught. The children are encouraged to apply their maths understanding across the curriculum for example in Science, D&T, History, Geography. For further details on how maths is taught and progression is monitored, please look at the file below.

Times Tables Rock Stars

This is a programme designed to support mental recall of the times tables. All children have their own password and login which can be used in school and at home. Each child will play ‘a gig’ which will access their baseline and be used in all the ‘gigs’ they play. The sessions are timed but please encourage your child that their times / scores will become quicker the ore they practice. As the children progress, more time tables are added. It is more beneficial for your child to play for 3 minutes a day four times a week rather than one 10 / 20 minute session.  Times Tables Rock Stars is useful to support the Year 4 children in the national multiplication test.


SumDog is an interactive programme designed to support children in developing their mental maths skills in a fun, game based environment. All children have their own password to log on which can be used at school and at home. 

The first 100 questions they answer will be used to set a baseline for all the games they play. As the children play their recall will improve and the questions they are given will become more challenging. Even though it is tempting, please don’t ‘have a go’ on your child’s log on as this will skew their results!

Please encourage your child to answer at least 10 questions per week, some support may be required for reading the questions.

Please continue to revisit this page for further updates.

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