Squirrels R/1

Hi! We are the Super Squirrels!

There are 17 super children in Squirrel class and we are looking forward to having a fun year learning and playing together!!  We are supported by Mrs Jones and Mrs Fillingham.

Look at all the fun Squirrel Class have been up to so far this year…


…making friends, finding out, exploring…

…sharing, learning new things, connecting ideas…


…investigating, imaging, HAVING FUN!!

We use Read, Write, Inc at school to help us with reading, writing and spelling and Letterjoin to support us with handwriting. We love to explore Maths through real life opportunities and activities with the adults.

We think school is cool!

Come back soon to find out more about the different topics we will be exploring.

Take a look at our newsletter and curriculum here:

EYFS curriculum 2018 – 19

We think these websites are really useful for helping your child to continue their learning at home.

Cbeebies         Phonics Play        Oxford Owl – interactive books       Letterjoin

As parents and carers, you play a really important role in your child’s education. Here are some things you can do at home to help your child;

  • Practise new phonemes (sounds) when they are sent home.
  • Listen to your child tell or read a story. This can be the book sent home by school or a book of your child’s choice.
  • Count objects around the home.
  • Look for numbers, letters and words when you are out and about e.g. in the supermarket, car number plates, at the cinema.
  • Encourage your child to practise writing. Get them to write a birthday card, a shopping list, label their toys etc.
  • Do some baking or cooking and talk about the changes that happen e.g. melting chocolate, baking a cake, boiling an egg.

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