The school follows the National Curriculum for Maths. 

We have recently reviewed our maths teaching and learning throughout the school which has included consultations with all staff, pupils and external advisors. In March, the school worked alongside a maths specialist consultant to create a new long term maths plan which ensures National Curriculum coverage.

Over the next few months all teaching staff will receive further training and support in ensuring appropriate progression particularly in mixed age classes.

Please see below our long term planning for 2017/18.

Maths LTP – Y1-4 Corringham 2017 18

Maths LTP – Y5-6 Corringham 2017 18


SumDog is an interactive programme designed to support children in developing their mental maths skills in a fun, game based environment. All children have their own password to log on which can be used at school and at home. 

The first 100 questions they answer will be used to set a baseline for all the games they play. As the children play their recall will improve and the questions they are given will become more challenging. Even though it is tempting, please don’t ‘have a go’ on your child’s log on as this will skew their results!

Please encourage your child to answer at least 10 questions per week, some support may be required for reading the questions.

Please continue to revisit this page for further updates.

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