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Welcome to the Owls Class

My school email: patrick.reeve@corringham.lincs.sch.uk

It’s good to be back at school at last! The Owls Class currently has just our 17 ‘new’ Year 6 pupils….well, they are stepping up this September!

I will update this page with news and pictures throughout the month. This September we will be catching up each day with our Mathematics, Reading and Writing Skills. We will be doing lots of our Literacy work through a study of Roald Dahl’s novel, ‘Matilda’and following weekly Maths topics.

Mrs Thorpe will be with us each afternoon to support the Owls Class.

From Tuesday 15th September, Coach Sullivan from MSP will be visiting to deliver PE lessons, so it’s important for all the pupils to arrive in their sports kit.  

We will also begin weekly ‘outdoor education’ afternoons on Wednesdays. It would be useful if the pupils could bring trainers (and warm clothing) for these sessions. Check the weather, we hope to go out even if it is raining.

Other topics for this part of the term will include: (Geography) Mountains, (RE) Hinduism, (PHSE) Friendship, (French) Counting and Introductions. We will begin our new History and Music topics when the Y5 pupils join us at the start of October.

Homework and Reading

We will not be sending homework books out each week. Each week there will be a list of spellings to practice (published here).

Each child is expected to read at home regularly, each day if possible. Often, Year 6 pupils will read books that may take several days or weeks to read. They will be able to chose books at school, but we will ask that completed school books are returned on Fridays.

Finally pupils can continue to use the Times Table Rock Stars website using your log-in. It’s really important that you can recall times table facts and this website has a range of fun games and challenges. (Please ask if you have forgotten your password!)


Spellings to practice (Monday 21st September) 

murmured  mesmerized  guarantee  presence  pursuit

skulduggery  guessing  culprit  performance  terrifically


Self-Isolating Families

In the event of your family having to self-isolate, you will able to work from home. Please use the Oak Academy website to support you with your learning for Mathematics.

As a school, we are encouraging children to use the National Oak Academy home learning lessons. Please follow the link to take you to the web-page then click on the relevant year group for the English and Maths lessons. All the lessons are delivered by teachers.

 Click Here:  Oak Academy    


7th -11th September  Place Value in 7-digit numbers (lessons 1-5)

14th-18th September Place  Value  in 7-digit numbers (lessons 6-10)

21st- 25th September  Addition and Subtraction (lessons 1-5)

28th September – 2nd October Multiplication and Division (lessons 1-5)


7th -11th September  Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’:    Describing and Inventing Characters

14th-18th September  Using Speech and Punctuation, Story Writing

21st- 25th September  Using Paragraphs for longer pieces of writing.

28th September – 2nd October  Play Scripts, Poems and Performance


If you are working at home, please create a project about Mountains or Hinduism. You can do your own research at home to help you create a fact-file, poster or presentation. (You could use PowerPoint to do this.)

Here is some of the work that our pupils did from before the Summer holidays for you to enjoy…

Seaside and Holiday Work by Owls (Click on the links!)

Myles: Postcard from Australia         Isla M: Lolly Making         

Chloe: My Day at the Beach  Lifeguard Dolphins  Holidays Data    Word Search Beach Map   Hot and Cold Beach Poem   Postcard from Hawaii

Warren:  Seaside Wordsearch    Submarine   Beach Games   Postcard from Scarborough   Seaside Map


Lily: Salt, sand and water     Underwater Craft    Lollipop   Exciting Holiday   Wordseach   Lily’s Postcard   Tent

Tristram: How to put up a tent   Seaside Wordsearch   Submarine  The Bunker   The moon holiday

Frankie: Word Search

Rainforest Work by Owls  (Click on the links!)

Chloe’s Quiz Brazil Maths  Projects Rainforest Explorer Story

Tristram’s Deforestation Orangutans Brazil Plants  Find

Isla M’s Projects Quiz         Myles’ Jaguar, Map Brazil Parrot  Kayapa story  Box

Marcus’ food chain, Map Brazil Parrot Rainforest Layers  Box

Lily’s Projects Collage Poecilotheria Metallica Poe2  Parrot  Art Map Story  Foodchain

Warren’s Brazil,  Parrot & Collage Shoebox    Jaguar  Chocolate  Map Rhino  Deforestation  Rainforest

Charlie’s Gorilla Quiz Rainforest   Deforestation       

Matthew’s Chocolate Map Mountain Gorilla Layers  Maths  Rainforest Rescue

Bertie’s Blue Macaw & Project   Cocoa Beans  Rainforest  Caiman  Parrot  Deforestation  Blue Hyancinth Macaw

Frankie’s Projects        Maisie’s Toco Toucan & Rainforest      

Anna’s Map Collage      Leo’s Leopard   Deforestation

Click here for Owls Long Term Plan

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