Owls 5/6

We used Lego WeDo 2.0 to create moving vehicles that we could control using the I-pads. We had lots of fun and finished the session with a race…

Welcome to the Owls Class

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Owls Page.

This term would normally be leading into Year 6 SATS. These have been cancelled (again) this year, but the work we will be doing in class will be geared towards ensuring that the Year 6 pupils have the necessary skills in Maths, Literacy and other subject areas to take forward into secondary school. The Year 5 Owls will also work hard to catch up any learning they have missed and become confident learners.

We are reading the novel, “The Midnight Fox” together in class and using this to inspire our own writing and reading. There will be a strong, but relevant, focus on punctuation and grammar throughout our work. In our topic work we will be learning about the Stone Age and Iron Age periods of history. In our Science work, we will carry out a range of investigations and research to find out about keeping healthy.

Twelve Year 5 pupils completed their Bike-ability sessions in the first week of term. Samba drumming music lessons with Mrs. Benson are on Monday afternoons.

PE Lessons with Coach Sully will continue on Tuesday mornings. The Owls Class will also do outdoor activities on Thursday afternoons, so please bring trainers on this day.

Twelve children from Year 5 have enjoyed taking part in the Bike-ability course. They did really well, all passing their Level 1 and Level 2 certificates. The instructors commented on their excellent behaviour and cycling skills. We have already booked Bike-ability for October for those Year 5 children who were unable to do it this time

Spellings (Week beginning Monday 24th May)

Year 5  accompany   according   ancient   attached   available   average   bargain   bruise   category   competition  

Year 6  accommodate  achieve   aggressive   amateur   apparent  appreciate   awkward   cemetery   communicate   conscience 

Other Spellings:   history   stone   discovery  weapon   jewel   found   explore   uncover   


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