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We are a mixed Y5 and Y6 class, currently with sixteen Year 6 pupils and thirteen Year 5 pupils. Mr Reeve is the class teacher and Mrs Thorpe is the teaching assistant. Mrs Jakins teaches RE and Mrs Anyon teaches Music to the class on Tuesday afternoons. Kieran, from MSP, will be visiting each Tuesday to do extra sporting activities with the class.

We try to make learning fun for each child and we recognise the individual skills and talents that each pupil has. Throughout the year we provide opportunities for pupils to learn and succeed in different ways and offer extra help whenever needed.

This term we will be taking part in a wide range of activities. Our class novel is “Journey to Jo’burg” and lots of our topic work will be based around this book. Our Science work will be about Light. Also this term, each member of the class has been given a reading buddy from the Badgers Class. As well as sharing books together each Friday, the Owls pupils will be creating their own moving story book for their partner.

Also this term many Owls pupils will be excited about representing the school swimming team at the gala or the football team in the county finals!

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