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Welcome to the Owls Class

My school email: patrick.reeve@corringham.lincs.sch.uk

New Term Owls Zoom Timetable

There’s just one more week of “Home Schooling” to go! Thank you so much for the continued help and support you have been giving. Keep upthe great work from home for one more week!

It’s World Book Day on Thursday so don’t forget that you have a special challenge to do… POTATOES!

World Book Day Challenge Thursday 4th March

Zoom meetings are 10:00 and 11.10 for Y6  and at 10.20 and 12:00 for Y5

Please e-mail finished work to me whenever possible using Word or send a photo of the completed work. It’s a great way to give feedback to the children and to appreciate their efforts.

Try this skipping challenge! DTSM Skipping challenge


Maths Week 8 

Ten Minute Thinking skills
Maths Week 8 Activities

Last Week's answers:
Quick 10-Week 7-Friday's answers
Quick 10 Plus Week 7 Friday's answers
Volume of Cuboids and Missing Sides answers

Literacy Week 8 Overview

Monday Literacy

Click here to read the "Just So Stories"

Just So Stories and the Diary of The Wimpy Kid

Monday RE week 8 Christianity essay 
Click here to see the video:

Tuesday Science Week 8 Why do plants have flowers
Click here to see the video:

Wednesday Geography

Our topic this term is all about what people need to survive. We will be learning about different types of energy, food journeys and natural resources. We began by mind-mapping things that we need to survive...

Thursday Art and Design
Our art and design theme this term is all about animals and movement.
Click here for some Nick Sharratt tips:
Click here for some Jeff Kinney drawing tips

Spellings (Week beginning Monday 1st March)

Year 5 (-ate endings) pollinate   captivate   activate   motivate   communicate   medicate   elasticated   hyphenate   alienate   validate  Word Search  Handwriting   Suffix Jigsaw Activity

Year 6   (soft “c” words) cemetery   certificate   celebrate   necessary   deceased   December   sacrifice   hindrance   nuisance  prejudice Word Search  Suffix Jigsaw Activity  Handwriting


Click here for Owls Long Term Plan

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Year 5 will be taking part in a road awareness and bike safety workshop. Details to be sent home.

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