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Welcome to the Owls Page. It’s now the Easter Term and it’s always a busy one for the Owls Class.

Once again, well done to The Owls for all of their outstanding work last term, in difficult situations with pupils and teachers being absent.

The school field will soon be ready for us to use and this will give the pupils so much more space to play together as the weather improves.

We started the term with a production of “The Railway Children” at the village hall. It was the first time that the whole school has gathered together in the same room for a long time.

This term, Madame Duprat will continue to teach French with the Owls each week, giving the pupils the chance to develop their conversational skills and develop their French writing on Wednesday mornings. Coach Sully will continue to provide PE sessions on Tuesday mornings, so don’t forget to wear your PE kit and wrap up warm! On Thursdays, PE and Swimming lessons will also continue.

Key Stage 2 Achievement assemblies will continue this term on Friday afternoons for the whole school, giving the pupils the opportunity to talk about and show their work. Don’t forget to bring in any sporting achievements to show everyone!

Thank you for your excellent homework projects. It was exciting to see pupils proudly sharing their work with their classmates, including Scratch programs and PowerPoint quizzes.

This term we will begin a range of new projects in Mathematics, Literacy and Topic with a theme of “Living Things”. The Year 6 pupils will develop their understanding of key Literacy and Mathematics concepts as we head towards the end of Key Stage 2 SATS. Click here for this term’s overview: Spring 2 2022 Overview

Click here for this term’s homework activities   Owls Homework Spring 2 2022

If you are not at school because you need to self-isolate, I have put links on this page to take you to Oak Academy activities. Each activity has a video to watch and some supporting activities to try. 

The Maths Unit will help you to develop your understanding of Multiplication and Division

Maths 1 Multiples and Factors     Maths 2 Factor Pairs   Maths 3 Prime Numbers     Maths 4 Factor and Multiple Chains  Maths 5 Multiply and Divide by 10, 100 and 1000

This Literacy unit is all about a short story by Anthony Horowitz, called “A Career in Computer Games”

Literacy 1 Engage with the text and the main character

Literacy 2 Consider the author’s use of language and understand the main character

Literacy 3 Consider a character’s experience 

Literacy 4 Make inferences and Predictions

Literacy 5 Analyse a Setting and consider its impact on the reader 

Our RE topic this term is Hinduism. These activities will support the work that we will do in the classroom

RE 1 How did Hinduism begin and develop as a religion?

RE 2 How does dharma influence how Hindus live?

RE 3 What are Hindu beliefs about karma, samsara and moksha?

RE 4 Who is Brahman to Hindus?

RE 5 What is the story of Shiva and the Ganges?

Click here for this term’s homework:


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