Hedgehogs 3/4

Welcome to Hedgehog Class.

Hello Hedgehogs, here are some activities to do while you are at home:

  • Practise multiplication tables to 12 x 12.
  • Choose a topic to research and make a non-fiction book.
  • Do something kind for somebody every single day.
  • Look at the online maths activities below and practise daily.
  • School Closure website links revised
  • Read every day, to an adult if possible.
  • Use the ICT Home Learning Links as much as possible. 
  • Keep in touch using my school email – janice.jakins@corringham.lincs.sch.uk

Here are pictures of some of the exciting things we have done so far this year, including World Book Day, Mosque and Cathedral visits, lantern making and electric personalities:


Our medium term planning for this term can be found here: Medium term plan autumn 1 2019

Long term planning for the year can be viewed here: New LTP 2019 to 2020


Some of the fun events that took place last year:

Our science topic ‘States of Matter’ was enhanced by a visit from a STEM Ambassador, who spent an afternoon with us.  We also visited Eureka! and took part in a coding activity.

Our World Book Day Celebrations also took place during the term, with the whole school joining in a series of activities about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter, Peter Rabbit and the poetry book, Heard it on the Playground.

The Long Term Plan for 2018/19 is available to view here: Long Term Plan 2018 to 2019

Science Day Photos
















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