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Step Up September

It is so lovely to welcome the children back into school again. Mrs Moulds, Mrs Cunningham and myself are looking forward to supporting your children in their learning and their well being as they settle back into the routines of school life. This year, the children will be encouraged to take ownership of their own learning through child initiated activities and continuous provision (similar to EYFS, ensuring progression to meet the objectives of the National Curriculum) along with adult directed input and small group work.

Outside Learning

As per government guidelines, a lot of our learning will take place outside (unless it is absolutely pouring with rain) and with this in mind, your child will need a change of footwear and a warm coat in school at all times. A hat and gloves will be required as the weather gets colder.


Our topic for September is The Great Fire of London. You can find a link to a knowledge organiser which provides key information your child needs to know.

Self Isolating Families

In the event of your family having to self isolate, the knowledge organiser could be used to support topic home learning. More research can be done using books or the internet to enable your child to create a fact file or a timeline of events,  create a quiz, write a diary entry about the fire or be a newspaper reporter and interview the family. Knowledge organiser link   The Great Fire of London

In order to support children’s reading whilst at home, when your child has completed their school reading book, or one from home, there are some activities they could do to support their comprehension skills for example, design a new front cover, write a book review, write a different ending to the story, write questions or even write their own questions for another member of the family to answer after they too have read the book. Spot compound words and make a list or even add some of their own.

As a school, we are encouraging children to use the National Oak Academy home learning lessons. Please follow the link to take you to the English and Maths lessons. All the lessons are delivered by teachers  and will enable to you to continue learning until you are able to return to school.


Here you will find two blocks of 10 lessons.  You may choose one block or a mixture of each.

Oak National Academy – Diary Entry

Oak National Academy – Newspaper Reports


Here you will find 2 blocks of 10 lessons. You may choose either block or a mixture of each

Oak National Academy – Money

Oak National Academy – Time

Weekly Homework

Homework for the foreseeable future will consist of weekly spellings, daily reading and Times Tables Rock Stars. School reading books will be sent home each Monday and must be returned each Friday reading to be quarantined prior to use by other children.

Weekly Spellings

Weekly spellings

As we are limiting things being sent home or brought into school, I will update the spellings on the webpage weekly. Please encourage your child to learn them and show their understanding of them by using them in sentences and looking for their definitions in a dictionary. It would still be great if you have the time to email me photos of the fun ways your child has been learning their spellings.

w/c 21st September

Year 2 (old year 1’s) race ice cell city fancy face space bicycle circle spicy

Year 3 (old year 2’s) straight campaign contain brain faint waist claim praise
complaint afraid

w/c 14th September

Year 2 (old year 1’s)  knock know knee knitting knife gnat gnaw gnash gnome gnarled

Year 3 (old year 2’s) eight eighth eighty weight neighbour vein veil beige sleigh freight

Summer Term 2  Photos

The Seaside topic.

Emily’s Ice cream survey    Molly’s seaside in a bottle project

Purple Mash 2Do’s 

Home Learning Photos


Alistair’s Science Experiment

Rainforest topic – photos


Lydia’s My Rainforest Animal 2Do from Purple Mash

Take a look at our awesome Rainforest projects

 Oliver T’s Rainforest Quiz      Jacob’s Information Text about Rainforest Frogs 

Maisey’s terrarium      Maisey’s shoebox diorama    Molly’s shoebox diorama

Deacon’s Emerald Snake Facts    Lydia’s Blue Morpho Butterfly    Jacob’s Shoebox Diorama

Spring term 2 and Summer Term 1 Home Learning Photos

Theo reading to his sister TS Video

Oliver practising counting in 3’s. Video


Our Long term plan LTP 2019 2020

Take a look at our Science Curriculum too! Science 2019 2020

All children are taught continuous cursive handwriting in school

Some useful websites …

Phonic activities             Oxford Owl – interactive books

Interactive Literacy, Maths and Science activities


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