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Welcome to the Brilliant Badgers!

Home Learning during the school closure.

Each week I will update this page so that you know what you need to try to do at home. Don’t forget to use the Home Learning Packs you have already taken home, especially if you do not have access to a printer at home. There are five Purple Mash 2Do’s for you this week. 

BBC Bitesize for Maths, Literacy & Topic

This week, please use BBC Bitesize for Maths, English and Topic home learning. They have some exciting things for you to learn about.


Keep up with your spellings whilst you are at home.

Challenge – to learn spellings using a hopscotch grid. If you do not have access to draw a grid outside, make a small one on a piece of card and throw a dice to see which word it lands on. It would be lovely to see some photos of your child learning their spellings in a fun way.

Summer Term 2 wc 1st June

Year 1         dolphin, alphabet, phonics, elephant, when, where, which, wheel, while, white

Year 2    (Homophones and near homophones) there, their, they’re, here, hear, see, sea, to, too, two
 Click on the link to find different ways to help you learn them.  Fun-ways-to-learn-Spellings-at-Home

Purple Mash

Remember your logins to use Purple Mash and you need to complete the weekly 2Do’s. The link to the website is –   Have you been checking your emails? Go to the purple icon – Alerts – then ‘Go to’ this will take you to your emails. Remember, you can email me, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Moulds or your friends too using Purple Mash. 

Enjoy science?

This is a link to Primary STEM site which supports science home learning           

Here are some other ideas for you to do whilst you are at home.

You do not have to bring your work into school when we are back there, but if you have work you are really proud of, why not take a photo and email it to me, I would love to see what you have been doing. My email is

Look out of the window, what do you see? Make up an adventure story that takes place in your garden.

Practise your times tables and the inverses (division).

Get creative and write a story – remember the beginning, middle and end and amazing descriptive vocabulary.
Read a book to a grown up. Act it out with them when you have finished. How could you change the ending?

Draw and make a jigsaw puzzle. 

Design your own number cards. Draw a picture or design a pattern on the reverse of each card.   

Some of our home learning photos

Theo reading to his sister TS Video

Oliver practising counting in 3’s. Video


Our Long term plan LTP 2019 2020

Take a look at our Science Curriculum too! Science 2019 2020

All children are taught continuous cursive handwriting in school

Some useful websites …

Phonic activities             Oxford Owl – interactive books

Interactive Literacy, Maths and Science activities



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